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Business Analytics
Insurance Analytics
Market Research
Customer Retail
Training – Software tools
Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of Solutions and Technologies and surpass Customer expectations consistently. Our mission is to collaborate with our Customers and help them to achieve their goals in a smart, secured and optimized way.
Our Strength and Roadmap
Technology Our Effort
Virtualization Solutions We are in a continuous process to up-grade our skills to work in the Domain of Server, Desktop and Application Virtualization solutions from Microsoft, Citrix and other manufacturers. In this process we are trying to promote Green IT Movement as well.
Messaging and Collaboration Solutions Along with the In-premise deployment of Messaging and Collaboration we have also added the Online Messaging and Collaboration Services of Microsoft and IBM in our kitty as we understand that CLOUD COMPUTING is coming-up very fast and will going to become THE SOLUTION for the Small and Medium sized organizations. We already have a Team dedicated to provide solution and support in the Domain of In-Premise and Online Messaging and Collaboration in a continuous process to up-grade our skills to remain at-per to the industry standard.

Portal and Workflow Solutions

Our company is known for a proven Software Development skill-set and we have developed a dedicated resource for Microsoft Share Point Workflow and Lotus Domino Workflow Development projects and we have already implemented number of such workflow implementations.
IT Security Solutions IT Security Threats are increasing day by day and to combat that we are ready with our Team to provide best of the breed products and Solutions in the IT Security Domain to to provide Network, Perimeter, Database, Level Security Solutions from Microsoft (Forefront), Checkpoint, SonicWall, and Antivirus and Anti-Spy Solutions from Symantec, McAffee, CA, TrendMicro and other Market leaders. We are also equipped with IBM Rational (AppScan), which is a very latest development in the domain of Application Security beyond any other presently available security solutions on Web/Network and Database.
Desktop, Asset Management and Server Monitoring Solutions We have skilled professionals to provide solution, implementation and support for Microsoft System Centre range of products and Desktop Deployment Technology.
Database Management Solutions We already have a Team dedicated to work in the Domain of Database Management and in a continuous process to up-grade our skills to remain at-per to the industry standard. We have already implemented number of Database Solutions from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM DB2 in different Operating System Platforms both in Clustered and non-Clustered Environment including Disaster Recovery Solutions.
Backup Solutions We have skilled professionals to provide Data and System Backup/Recovery in all the Platforms and Applications including Replication and High-availability Solutions from Symantec, IBM Tivoli and Computer Associates
Facility Management Service We have skilled professionals to provide Data and System Backup/ Recovery in all the Platforms and Applications including Replication and High-availability Solutions from Symantec, IBM Tivoli and Computer Associates
Other Solutions In addition to the above services, we are in a continuous process of providing solution and support with our highly skilled Human Resources for the solutions from Adobe, Autodesk, Red Hat, SCO, Novell and many other Leading Software Products.
Business Analytics

We are involved in offering Business Analytic that is a specialized domain that has been growing rapidly.
Analytics is the application of statistical techniques to solve business problems. In terms of process, analytics finds patterns and relationships in data by using sophisticated techniques to build models - abstract representations of reality.
 Analytics services can broadly be divided into :

  • Customer analytics, which is covered in this article which pertains to understanding and predicting the customer behaviour. Banks, telcos and insurance firms are major users of customer analytics.
  • Profiling & segmentation measure the behavior or performance of a group of people, risks or transaction types.e.g. measuring customers by profitability, claims by size or frequency and customers by product preference.
  • Supply chain analytics deals with optimising stock points and stocking levels starting from raw material in a warehouse to finished goods at a retail store. Manufacturing and logistic firms are the major users of supply chain analytics.
  • Retail analytics deals with understanding the in-store purchase behaviour of shoppers and tries to influence shoppers through the right store layouts, product promotions, etc.
  • Pharma analytics is a specialised branch of analytics that deal with the drug discovery process.
  • Predictive modeling predicts future behavior  or performance based on analysis of transactional data and structured product performance or derived data often calculated from one or more data elements, The analysis usually results in a score or recommended action being assigned during the processing of transaction like pricing  adequacy based on cost, possible losses and required margin and the likelihood of fraud.
  • Forecasting enables insurers to estimate what will happen in the future, based on the statistical evaluation of current aggregate data

Business Analytic Consulting

Competition has made it necessary for bankers to consider three crucial aspects of marketing

  • To offer the Right Type of Products/services         
  • To the Right Customers and
  • At the Right Time                                 

Our services of Business Analytics Consulting, Response Modeling, Market Basket Analysis, Segmentation and Event Based Marketing provide scientific approach for designing marketing strategies.

Our services also help banks in

Risk Management –

To efficiently manage risk we need to do…

Credit scoring
- Our solutions using advanced statistical modeling help banks to dramatically reduce the rate of bad debts and expand credits to risk free customers.  We develop customer scorecards using techniques such as logistic regression, survival analysis and Bayesian regression.

Fraud Detection - By applying data mining solutions like Neural Networks, Cluster  Analysis, and Logistic Regression to profiles of known delinquents, we help banks to develop systems to identify potential delinquents.   

Attrition Management –

Our modeling services will help you to gain insight into who are the customers likely to attrite.  By studying the pattern s of such customers in the historical data, we can help     to predict attrition and identify customers that have to be retained


We are capable of implementing Business Intelligence and Analytics projects Central & State Govt deptts of the Government of India 

Insurance Analytics

Insurance Analytic is used in the Insurance Sector in Marketing, Underwriting and Claims

– (Customer Retention: Churn Modeling, Cross-Sell Modeling, Customer Segmentation & Agent Performance Rating) 
We develop statistical models using l Survival Analysis, Naïve Bayes, Bayesian Logistic Regression for

  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Identifying cross sell opportunities
  • Predicting customer retention

We also develop marketing strategies based on in depth segmentation of customer data.

Underwriting –
(Risk Selection, Pricing and Prediction of Probable Maximum Loss PML])

Our predictive Insurance Analytics solutions help to reduce leakage and improve competitiveness by making more accurate pricing decisions.  We develop statistical models for calculating Insurance Scores.  Insurance Analytics score is a number or rating which is based on consumer’s credit history.  The static risk selection rules and pricing decisions can be made more efficient, with the use of Insurance Scoring Models.

Claims - (Claims Reserving & Claims Fraud Detection)

Efficient claims processing using predictive analytics can save millions of dollars for insurance companies every year.

We provide high level consulting services to Actuarial team for providing effective solutions in

  • Estimation of loss curves
  • IBNR(Incurred but not reported) Claims Reserving
  • Fraud Detection
  • Subrogation

Market Research

Once the field in Market Research is completed, maintenance and management of the collected data are done. The data are arranged in accordance with Market Research, infrastructure, personnel, processes and other requirements for the analysis. Following a structured and role-oriented approach, our personnel execute the tasks deliver dependable data assets for business decisions.

Customer Retail

Customer Retail own large volumes of invaluable information and data about its customers and their transactions. Customer Retail can be used to focus on characteristics of the marketing activities that increase the probability of better returns, making more effective decisions leading to Purchase acceleration, Brand switching, Basket effects and Store Loyalty.
Our objective would be to translate the vast amount of constantly changing data from different sources into actionable information to drive higher levels of customer acquisition, loyalty and sales growth.

Our gamut of services include

Customer Profiling & Behavior

  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Retention
  • Segmentation
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling

Merchandise Management

  • Demand forecasting
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Price Optimization
  • Product Categorization

Promotion Design

  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Channel driven – Pricing Differentials
  • Markdown Analysis

Shop Floor

  • Product placement across stores
  • Product grouping for regional affinity
  • Store Clustering

Some Techniques we have used in our Retail Sector solutions:

  • Conjoint Analysis/Discrete Choice: Used for Demand forecasting for a segment of Customers
  • Cluster Analysis: Used for Customer or Products Categorization
  • Linear/Non-Linear Regression: To Identify factors that affect demand, store performance, price elasticities
  • Time Series Analysis: For forecasting Sales
Association Rules : Used for Market Basket Analysis

Training – Software tools

We offer training in a range of audience - from relatively inexperienced to matured users. We have designed training modules like

  • Basic & Advanced MS- Excel and Access
  • Basic RDBMS  and advanced RDBMS including Oracle
  • SPSS Basic to Advanced Predictive Modeling
  • SAS Base and Predictive Modeling
  • ETL tools like Informatica
  • Business Intelligence Concepts using software   like Cognos,
  • IBM Rational Unified Process
  • IBM UML and  Rational Software Architecture
  • Management Development Programs (MDP) on Business Analytics and Intelligence